COVID-19 Isolation Tent

Isolation Tent is designed for COVID-19 or highly contagious diseases patients by using Negative Pressure Room. The contaminated air inside is drawn through “6-Steps Filtration System” which will eliminate all airborne germs and viruses before being safely released to outside.

The tent includes Anteroom which is a Positive Pressure Room. This room is equipped with G-Life Cleanroom Air Conditioning System and Fresh Air Machine that will cool down the room, give clean air that is full of oxygen, and prevent outside polluted air from entering the tent. This will help the patients fight diseases and recover faster.

Inside Isolation Tent

Isolation Room (Negative Pressure Room)

Anteroom (Positive Pressure Room) 

G-Life Cleanroom Air Conditioning System

G-Life Fresh Air Machine

Prevents spreads of infections with Negative Pressure Room

Protects rooms from outside polluted air with Positive Pressure Room

Increases oxygen level for patients inside an isolation room

Eliminates dust, pollutions, germs, viruses, and allergens.

Suitable for patients and medical personnel

Available in multiple sizes for any hospital

6-Steps Filtration System

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