G-Life Fresh Air Machine

Why G-Life Fresh Air Machine?

G-Life Fresh Air Machine is more than just an air purifier. While the normal air purifiers can only filter stale air inside your rooms without refreshening it with substantial oxygen, G-Life can do better. We bring fresh air from outside that is full of oxygen passing through our 6-Steps Filtration System, which removes all dust, germs, and pollutions, before venting it into the rooms.

Our machine is designed to work 24/7 without any pause to create a continuous inflow of clean fresh air into your rooms. This will keep them clean by making it a “Positive Pressure Room” which acts as a shield for preventing dust, germs, and pollutions from entering.

Product Features

A system trusted by Sansiri to create“Dust Free House”

Approved by medical research and SGS Test for indoor ” air quality before and after installation.

Over thousands of residence nationwide are using our fresh air machine.

Working System

Step 1

G-Life Fresh Air Machine draws in fresh air that is full of oxygen from outside through 6-Steps Filtration System for clean and sterilized air.

Step 2

Clean and oxygen-rich fresh air is vented into your room for 24/7 which will repel and replace old air inside the room to keep
you feel fresh and healthy.

Step 3

This continuous flow of fresh air
will create a Positive Pressure Room state which will prevent contaminated air from entering your room.

Filtration System

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