Cleanroom Air Conditioning System

Why G-Life Cleanroom Air Conditioning System?

G-Life Cleanroom Air Conditioning System is specially designed to create cleanrooms for places where the highest hygienic environment is required. For examples, operating rooms, emergency rooms, or food manufacturing factories. Unlike normal cleanroom air conditioning system, which cannot thoroughly eliminate harmful germs and contaminants, G-Life’s system can do better by effectively sterilize the rooms for 24/7 during and after usage. Our system is comprehensively equipped with new innovation of cleanroom solutions.

Working System

Positive Pressure Room System

  • Our system can provide “Positive Pressure Room” state at all time which will act as a shield protecting the cleanrooms from outside contamination during and after usage. The system will draw in fresh oxygen-rich air from outside into cleanrooms passing through 6-Steps Filtration Systems. This filtration system consists of ULPA Filter (0.1 Micron), Activated Carbon Filters, UV-C Lamp and other filters that will comprehensively eliminate all harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, and contaminants from the air at 99.99% efficiency.


  • Even after the air conditioning unit is shut down, Positive Pressure Room System will keep working
    for 24/7 as an individual unit to maintain the positive pressure state.

Climate Control System

We use a floor-standing type air conditioner equipped with the highest grade of HEPA Filter and UV-C Lamp (Germicidal Ultraviolet Light) on the Return Air Vent. This will catch and eliminate all airborne germs and viruses in the air before entering the cooling unit. Our Climate Control System can deliver Air Flow Rate up to 1,200 CFM and Cooling Capacity up to 48,000 BTU per hour depending on each model.

Post-Shutdown Sterilization System

  1. After the Climate Control System is shut down, Internal heater will start simultaneously and keep working for a short while to remove moisture from the unit.
  2. Then UV-C light will be projected onto a fan coil unit and a drain tray to stop breeding of bacteria and molds.
  3. At last, Cold Plasma Ionization System will be enabled for 24/7 to start ionization process. This will stop germs from spreading and ensure round-the-clock germs prevention even the air conditioning system is not in usage.

Normal cleanroom air conditioning system cannot thoroughly eliminate harmful germs and contaminants.

Both Cleanrooms and their Air Conditioning Unit must remain clean and sterilized for 24 hours.

“G-Life can solve the problem!”

Approved by SGS Environmental Services Test

(CFU/m3 = Colony Forming Unit per Cubic Meter)

6-Steps Filtration System

Suiltable for cleanrooms inside hospitals, clinics, food manufacturing factories

Easy for Installation

Easy for Maintenance

2 Years Warranty

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