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The Latest Innovation

Our solutions use Fresh Air Machine with 6-Steps Filtration System. They can easily remove PM2.5 dust with 0.1-micron filter, and sterilize any airborne bacteria, mold, and virus at 99.999% efficiency while bringing fresh clean air into your rooms.

Positive Pressure Room

Our solutions use Positive Pressure System which is the same system used with operating rooms inside hospitals. We are able to create 24/7 continuous inwards flow of fresh clean air into your rooms, which acts as a shield protecting the rooms from outside contaminated air.

Repel Stale Air and Pollutions Out

Our system works 24/7 to create continuous inwards air
flow into your rooms. This repels stale air that is full of carbon dioxide out and replaces them with fresh oxygenated air whil protecting outside pollutions and germs from entering the rooms making you feel refreshing and healthy.

Increase Oxygen

Normal air purifiers cannot increase oxygen level in your rooms, but we can! Without allowing fresh air from entering the rooms, the inside oxygen level will keep decreasing along with the buildup of carbon dioxide level.Our solutions will fill your rooms with fresh clean air from outside that passed through 6-Steps Filtration System without risking with exposure of outside contamination.

Easy for Installation

Our solutions are easy for installation and require no engineering work. They can be installed in old houses, new houses, condominiums, hospitals and offices, so fresh clean air can be delivered to everyone within less than a day.

“For your better health, we cannot wait!”

Easy for Maintenance

Our solutions require minimum effort for maintenance and repair work. They are carefully designed to withstand heavy usage for 24/7 and harsh climate.

6-Steps Filtration System

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