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The Clean Room Air Conditioning System

The only Clean Room Air Conditioning System that can be installed without any engineering work which is easy to install and has a very low cost of maintenance.

The G-Life Clean Room Air Conditioning System is the latest advancement in clean air technology providing protection against contamination of airborne bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms in medical clinic, hospital wards, manufacturing facilities, resident, commercial and office building.

Comprehensive System for Germ Prevention.

Take Proactive Action to Protect Yourselves from Germs and Illness. The fan coil of a split type air conditioner, used in most homes and many buildings, is one place where germs can grow. The operation of such a unit produces condensation. If allowed to sit for a period of time, it can breed bacteria and molds. When the air conditioner is turned on, the fan can blow harmful bacteria into the room. A split type air conditioner does not have added ventilation or other devices to prevent the growth of bacteria and contaminants. Hence, occupants of the room could be infected with a combination of ailments commonly known as Sick Building Syndrome. Read more.

G-Life Clean Room Air Conditioning Unit

is an air conditioning system that is comprehensively equipped to prevent and eliminate bacteria and airborne contaminants. It accomplishes this in 6 ways:

  1. HEPA filter traps bacteria and contaminants before air passes into the fan coil unit.
  2. UV-C Germicidal ray kills bacteria and germs in the air before flowing into the fan coil unit.
  3. Climate Controlled Air System draws in fresh oxygen-rich air from outside in order to increase oxygen and create a clean room environment to prevent the growth of germs in the air condition unit and also to eliminate indoor air pollution.
  4. Positive air pressure is maintained to prevent the room from outside germs and pollution  from coming inside.
  5. Post Shut-down germ elimination system by Heater and UV-C Germicidal ray to keep the machine dry and sanitized after the air conditioning system/unit is shut down.
  6. Round-the-clock germ prevention system by Cold Plasma Ionization device to prevent the machine from spreading of germs throughout the unit even when it’s not in operation.

The Clean Fresh Air System

The System for Drawing Clean Fresh Air into a Room

Fresh Air Unit is a system that draws fresh air and increases oxygen flow into room. The system utilizes an Air Handling Unit (AHU), a device used by central air conditioning system in big buildings to draw fresh air directly into the room. The intake air is then filtered to keep the air conditioner clean and free of dust and contaminants.

G-Life Clean Fresh Air is an innovative Climate Controlled Air System that clean fresh air free of dust, germs, bad odors and other pollutants. Air drawn in from outside is passed through a 120 nano-meter filter, and then through an activated carbon filter as well as UV-C germicidal light to ensure protection from contamination of bacteria, molds and other pollutants, The system is ideal for residential homes, offices or any room that does not have a central air conditioner.

Moreover, the G-Life Clean Fresh Air system has 2 key functions:

  1. A constant inflow of fresh air replaces unclean air inside the room to keep it constantly clean and fresh.
  2. Positive air pressure maintained in the room prevents the entry of unclean air from outside, hence it’s as clean and sanitized as a hospital operation room.

2 Reasons why Clean Fresh Outdoor Air from G-Life is the best source of ventilation

  1. An air conditioner cannot produce oxygen. When we breathe our lungs inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide into the air. Our body will gradually use up all the oxygen in the room. If the blood is not supplied with enough oxygen the body is prevented from repair and creating new cells, thus weakening the body. An air purifier cannot produce oxygen too, so the air inside the room needs to be replaced with air from outside.
  2. Using a ventilation fan is an indirect way of drawing fresh air into the room. Although this can increase the level of oxygen it does not filter out germs, allergic particles, bad odors and other contaminants.

The Isolation Room

System with a Clean Room Air Conditioning Sytem inside the Isolation Room

System with Decontamination Machines inside the Isolation Room

Conceptual Design: Low negative pressure, clean and comfortable Isolation Room

  • A Clean Room Air Conditioning System is equipped with HEPA filter to trap germs in the air and kill them inside the machine with UV-C.
  • A Fan Filter Unit is equipped with ULPA Filter to draw in clean conditioned air to the Isolation Room.
  • Decontamination Machines are installed inside the Isolation Room to draw out the air to outdoor environment and to create Negative Pressure inside the Isolation Room.
    The negative pressure will be maintained at 2.5 pascal’s at all times to ensure that germs will not flow freely from the Isolation Room.
  • Clean Fresh Air Machines are installed outside the Isolation System to draw in Dust-Free fresh air from the outside through 0.4 micron Medium Filter to create Positive
    Pressure inside the Corridor.
  • Differential Pressure Gauges are installed inside the Isolation Room and the Corridor to determine the pressure inside and outside of the Isolation Room.


  • 5 steps filtration, 0.3 Micron with UV-C germicidal light to eliminate germs and Carbon Filter to remove odor.
  • Maximum Air Flow Rate: 100 CFM
  • Weight: 24 kgs.
  • Pre filter: Synthetic high absorption sponge
  • Power consumption: Max 78 watts
  • UV-C: Germicidal UV Lamp 8 watts
  • Deodorizing filter: Double layered Diverting Solidy packed and high absorption Activated Carbon Filter, Iodine value 600 Mg/G, thickness 8 cm.
  • Main filter: HEPA filter, efficiency [DOP]: 99.999%@0.1um. Primary resistance ≥140pa, Air velocity:200(m3/h).
  • Noise (db): 55

Using G-life Clean Fresh Air System is your best choice to breathe clean fresh air.

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