Key Facts

Key Facts

The only Clean Room Air Conditioning System that can be installed without any engineering work which is easy to install and has a very low cost of maintenance.

The G-Life Clean Room Air Conditioning System is the latest advancement in clean air technology providing protection against contamination of airborne bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms in medical clinic, hospital wards, manufacturing facilities, resident, commercial and office building.

Comprehensive System for Germ Prevention.
Take Proactive Action to Protect Yourselves from Germs and Illness.
The fan coil of a split type air conditioner, used in most homes and many buildings, is one place where germs can grow. The operation of such a unit produces condensation. If allowed to sit for a period of time, it can breed bacteria and molds. When the air conditioner is turned on, the fan can blow harmful bacteria into the room. A split type air conditioner does not have added ventilation or other devices to prevent the growth of bacteria and contaminants. Hence, occupants of the room could be infected with a combination of ailments commonly known as Sick Building Syndrome. see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sick_building_syndrome


The best way to get fresh rich oxygenated air is ventilation through G-LIFE Clean Fresh Air Machine.

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