Our Company

G-Evolution is a Thailand-based company expertized in Clean Air Solutions.
With our innovations, we offer the most advance technology for delivering clean fresh air. Our solutions are specially designed to increase oxygen level and protect rooms from spread of infection, microorganism, airborne virus, pathogen, and air pollution. They are suitable for hospital, clinic, industrial factory, office and residence in need of clean air.


Our Beliefs

For the past 10 years, G-Evolution foresees the importance of solving health problems arising from Global Climate Change and emerging diseases. We believe that with right technology, the problems can be overcome, and those technology must be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have invested in Research and Development to create one of the finest and most cost-efficient clean air systems for better quality of life.


Our Mission

We are fighting to make clean air accessible to everyone for better life quality and for future of our new generations.

Our Branch

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