The Latest Innovation for Clean Air System!

Covid-19 Isolation and Screening tent

Increase oxygen level for your health

Create Negative Pressure Room

Eliminate dust, pollutions, germs, and allergens

Protect your room from outside contaminated air

Suitable for patients and medical personnel.

Available in multiple sizes for any hospital

G-Evolution Company Limited is Thailand top innovative company granted by National Innovation Agency.

During the last 10 years our company has invested more than one million US Dollars in Research and Development to create one of the finest clean room machine. We deliver value to customers all over the world something that is essential for the better quality of life.

G-Evolution Company Limited

is a specialized company delivering clean air technology and providing protection against contamination of airborne bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms in medical clinics, hospital wards, manufacturing facilities, resident, commercial and office building and providing Clean Fresh Air to increase oxygen and to keep the air conditioner clean and free of dust and contaminants.

Product Features

The Latest Innovation for Clean Air System
Suiltable for cleanrooms inside house, hospitals, clinics, food manufacturing factories

House with G-Life system
  • Increase oxygen and fresh air in the house continuously to create a higher pressure within the house.
  • The pressure inside the house pushes contaminated air through door gap.
  • Outside air cannot leak in because it has less pressure than inside air. 
  • The 6 steps filtration to eliminate odor, germs, dust, pollutants and allergic substances.  
House without appropriate air flow system
  • Lack of oxygen due to constant consumption, Preventing our bodies from regenerating sufficiently.
  • Increasing indoor air pollutant such as dust, germs, carbondioxide buildup, odor, etc.
  • Promoting Sick Building Syndrome.
House that uses Ventilation Fan
  • Lower pressure in the house.
  • Constant introduction of outdoor air including dust, germs, pollutants, allergens and odor.
  • This method is not a proper solution because the air outside keeps leaking in.

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